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The Encounter Weekend

Think of it as a Holy Spirit power up for your life

Part of the emanate DNA is that we want to be a people who are walking in power and love. This weekend is designed to bring about new depths of freedom and healing so that you can walk into the destiny you were created for.

Ever heard the expression “hurt people hurt people?” Well the same is true of the opposite; “healed people heal people” and that’s the look we’ll be going for on this weekend! Many Christians are not walking in the fullness of life, because there are hindrances, hurts and afflictions operating in their lives. This weekend is all about Jesus breaking out and bringing freedom to our lives.

This is going to be a weekend where we get to know one another better, but it’s also an opportunity to experience the love of God in a safe place. We all know it’s God that transforms us and this is a weekend where we set aside to time to let Him.


Our next Encounter Weekend is coming up July 9-11, 2015! This Weekend is going to be in-house at Grace Center, which means registration is just $50, you won't have to travel and can sleep in your own bed at night! Register online to reserve your spot by July 1st.

Weekend schedule: 
Thursday: 6pm - 10pm (includes registration) 
Friday: 7pm - 10:30pm 
Saturday: 9am - 6pm (lunch included)


[NOTE: We encourage our entire Grace Center and emanate family to go through ENCOUNTER and require this weekend as a prerequisite before serving as a volunteer, life group leader, ministry team or worship team member, etc.]